How We Handle Personal Data

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With respect to our “How We Handle Personal Data”, please confirm as follows upon the disclosure of your Personal Data.

Definition of Personal Data

Personal Data shall mean any information regarding to an individual and/or what identify the individual through name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, place of work, date of birth or any other description that constitutes such information. In addition, even if it may not be identified by the information itself, the information, which may be easily collated with other information and is personally identifiable as the result, shall also be included in the Personal Data.

Acquisition of Personal Data and Purpose

Application for the recruitment service

Outcomes of Failure for Provide Personal Data

If failure to fill the required items of Personal Data, you may not be able to receive our services.

Provision of Personal Data to Third Party

Outsource of handling Personal Data

We may entrust all or part of handling Personal Data to the extent required to achieve the Purpose of Use. When outsourcing handling Personal Data, an appropriate consignee shall be selected and supervised to ensure the safety of Personal Data.

Sharing of Personal Data

We shall share acquired Personal Data with each Leverages Group companies including but not limited to Leverages Co., Ltd., Leverages Career Co., Ltd. and Levtech Co., Ltd. (“Leverages Group”). The items of Personal Data to be shared include name, sex, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, experience, and career. The joint users shall use Personal Data within the scope stipulated in Paragraph 1. The acquisition shall be made by documents or by electromagnetic media such as e-mail. The manager responsible for Personal Data used jointly is Leverages Career Viet Nam Co., Ltd.

Anonymized Processed Information

We, in the appropriate way based on laws and regulations, shall continuously create anonymized processed information which may not identify individuals nor recover Personal Data. We shall provide such anonymized processed information within the scope set forth in Paragraph 2. The items of anonymized processed information, to be created and provided, include name, sex, date of birth, experience, and career. We shall provide such Personal data by documents, by oral communication on a telephone, by facsimiles, by delivery of electromagnetic recording media, or by electromagnetic communication media such as e-mails, but not limited to them.

Procedures of Requests for Disclosure, etc

Contact Points for Inquiries

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Acquisition of Personal Data by Process You May Not Easily Recognize

This website may use the technologies such as cookies and web beacons, to improve our service and to obtain statistical information such as accesses. The use of these technologies shall not let us acquire Personal Data that you have not entered.

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